Tantric Body De-armouring Releasing built up tension

Body de-armouring is a technique to clear physical and mental blockages in the body. This is done by releasing pressure points around the collarbone, rib cage and on the Iliopsoas muscle, from your navel to your hip. You can keep your (loose, comfortable) clothing on during the treatment.

who is Body De-armouring suitable for ?

Body de-armouring reconnects you with yourself. It brings you back your creativity, unlimited strength and potential. The session is adapted to your intention and current situation. This makes the treatment suitable for almost anyone who experiences a feeling of stuckness in daily life. However, due to the intensity, there are a few (mental)health conditions, in which I do not recommend to apply this treatment. In these situations, the Breuss massage is usually a suitable alternative. We will always discuss and find the most suitable session for you in the intake, prior to the session.

What results can I expect?

After a session, many people experience a sense of:

  • More energy
  • Less stress (sensitivity)
  • Deep relaxation
  • Feeling grounded and in touch with the body
  • Relief from physical (tension) complaints
  • Emotional discharge
  • Clarity
  • Creativity
  • More depth in sexuality
  • More sensory sensitivity, in a positive sense

The effects of releasing your system from blockages are very personal, and therefore different for everyone. Not a single session is the same.  I recommend to try to step in without expectations, trusting the subconscious knowledge of your own body to guide you.

The body as a 'hard drive' for stress

From a scientific perspective, your body is a vessel that stores impactful events in the tissue. This impact is called 'trauma'. These can be major traumas from your childhood, but also subtle situations from everyday life. For example: think about your physical reaction, when you are startled by a loud noise: you can feel the stress reaction, expressing itself as tension in the body. Gasping, holding the breath. The iliopsoas muscle contracting, to make you bend forward, protecting your vital organs for the possible 'danger'. Even after the impact, the body remembers this response and stores it, to be prepared for eventual repetition. It builds a protective shield or armour that eventually, with much or long-term exposure, blocks your emotional and physical reactions, making you feel insensitive to the impact.

How are you different from a dog and an antelope?

Mammals have a natural way of unloading: after a stressful event they vibrate to release the built-up tension from the body. An antelope, being chased by a predator, is full of adrenaline. If the animal manages to escape, it will look for a quiet and safe place after fleeing. Here the antelope begins to tremble. The vibration reduces the level of stress hormones, and the animal can continue its journey calmly. Dogs also literally shake off tension. Naturally, humans have this instinct too. Either through shaking (movement), crying (sound) or sighing (breath). Unfortunately, chances are that you have (unconsciously) learned to suppress it from a very young age, simply because it is perceived as 'strange' or 'inappropriate'. Instead of shaking the energy off, the body stores it. "Suck it up", as people would say literally, when it comes to dealing with difficult situations or emotions.

foto antilope, mens en hond

Visible and invisible blockages

Western medicine mainly focuses on the physical body and visible blockages. Symptoms are often controlled with medication. Some (pain) complaints are difficult to demonstrate in blood values ??or with a scan, therefore, they may not be recognized and acknowledges. It often leads to frustration of people who are hampered in their functioning without a concrete diagnosis. Within Eastern medicine, the perspective is aimed at larger (holistic) view. According to Hinduism and (Tantric) Buddhism, the human consists of a physical and energetic body, which are connected to each other. There are seven important energy centers in the energetic body, known as chakras. Chakras are described as vortexes that allow energy to flow through your body. Each chakra has its own link with organs, themes, elements and emotions. When all chakras are balanced, your life energy can flow freely through the physical body. Giving a sense of expansion and relaxation.

Taking off your armour

When your protective shield mainly consists of old trauma, your system may react by blocking you in circumstances, that aren't a threat. You could compare it to a dam of old branches and stones in a river: The life energy flowing through the body becomes blocked, which increases pressure and can cause physical and psychological complaints. By removing the branches and stones, the river can flow freely again. Body de-armouring literally means 'removing the shield from the body'. By using pressure points, I guide you and your body to discharge what is no longer needed. The main goal of the treatment is to get your vital life energy flowing again.

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Yes! You may have had certain associations with the word 'tantra', but the essence of tantra is (body) consciousness. The word “tantra” is Sanskrit for 'woven together'.  In this case, it can be seen as reconnecting the physical with the spiritual. It remembers you to be present in your own body. Focusing on your senses and breathing during a de-armouring session, eventually enable you to consciously feel where the life energy flows and where it is stagnant.

External body de-armouring

If you have studied de-armouring a bit, you may have noticed that there are different types of de-armouring. I exclusively work on the external body, in the areas I previously described. Internal and genital de-armouring are not part of my services.


Treatment Before I start the physical treatment, we discuss your request for help and current complaints. If you have any questions, you can ask them at this time - and of course during the treatment.

afbeelding Sushumna Nadi kanaal
A simplified view showing the three most important nadis or channels in traditional Indian medicine, the Ida (B), Sushumna (C) and Pingala (D)

Opening the energy channels: The Sushumna Nadi

When starting the treatment, the first focus will be on breath and relaxation. With your consent, I will perform a series of light touches on different points of the chakras in the upperbody. This touch is aimed at opening the channel through which your life energy flows. This channel is called the 'Sushumna Nadi' in yoga philosophy.

Examining blockages in the physical body

After opening the Sushumna Nadi, I will perform light pressure on all of the de-armouring points, asking you to indicate which points are sensitive. These points are located around the collarbone, ribs and pelvis, approximately at the height of your navel to your hip. Sensitive areas are usually those points where tension (trauma) has built up. Examining these points provides insight into which areas need attention during the actual de-armouring.


In the de-armouring phase, I will specifically treat the chosen sensitive points by applying pressure with my fingers. I use the soft de-armouring technique. This means that at each point, I will ask you to indicate how sensitive the area is, physically and mentally, on a scale of 1 to 10. Some pressure points can be experienced as sensitive or even painful. With soft de-armouring, I aim to not exceed the number 8. IN this way you can calmly breathe through this release without contracting more. You will experience that the sensitivity subsides and eventually disappears (almost completely).

Afbeelding als illustratie bij artikel Tantric Body De-armouring


After the session you can lie or sit down quietly for a while. You will be given the time and space to let the experience land and share it if you feel the need. We will also discuss whether you need aftercare in the form of a contact moment during the week.

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Treatments and prices

Tantric Body De-armouring 120 min. € 250
Tantric Body De-armouring Traject 3×120 min. € 700
Transformation Trilogy € 600

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of sessions varies from person to person, and depends on several factors. Such as the type of treatment, your personal goal, previous experience, degree of accumulated tension in the system and the ability to surrender during a session. Your system sets the pace.

Some treatments require repetition to achieve significant change. These treatments are offered in the form of a package of 3 to 5 sessions, depending on the treatment. After completing a trajectory, it is possible to book separate follow-up sessions if desired.


  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy: 5 sessions (3 months)
  • 1:1 Mentorship: 5 sessions (3 months)
  • Dorn Therapy: 3 sessions (2 months)

Single sessions:

  • Massages
  • Tantric Body de-armouring
  • Kundalini Activation
  • Transformational/rebirthing breathwork

How you respond to treatment is very personal. Although we humans like to understand everything, it can be nice to try to let go of your expectations and go into the session with an open mind.

For those who still want some examples: Sometimes the release of stored energy expresses itself in trembling, sighing or making sound or movement. Some clients receive visions, memories or insights without having to relive the feeling. Emotional release is common. Whatever may come up for you, you are always in control and I am by your side, to make sure you feel safe during the whole journey.

After a session, people often experience a sense of relief, deep relaxation, gratitude, connection with themselves, and spaciousness in their head and body.

This is certainly possible, AND how you experience your blockages is very personal. Factors that may play a role are your personal intention of the treatment, the level of resistance from your system during the treatment and the ability to surrender to the process.

Removing blockages brings energy in motion. Not only within you, but often also in your environment. The effects of de-armouring in your daily life, are often noticed in the weeks after the session. 

I believe that whatever emerges in the moment is just enough. Your system sets the pase. For this reason, I will never force pressure points. Your well-being during and after the session is my highest priority.

First of all: when you experience (long-term/serious) physical or mental complaints, I advise you to always consult a doctor first!

Each de-armouring session is customized. Wishes, limitations, contra-indications and possibilities are discussed in the intake. This makes a session almost always applicable.

Would you like to know if body de-armouring can do something for you in a specific situation/medical condition? Please feel free to contact me so I can either give you confirmation or help you find a more suitable alternative.

Absolutely understandable! Letting go and stepping into the unknown can feel very scary. As you may have read on my page, it is very important to me that you feel safe at all times. 

During the session, I will be explaining the next step and guiding you verbally, physically and mentally. The session is built up in a gentle way. You remain in control, even if you encounter resistance during the treatment. Most clients experience a Tantric body de-armouring as a profound and pleasurable experience.

I invite you to observe what you encounter with curiosity rather than fear!

Yes! Besides the self-regulating exercises, I regularly receive a de-armouring or other bodywork session to release my built-up tension.

Experiencing a little tension is of course not bad at all, but sometimes it feels like I am less 'in the flow' for a longer period of time. Stagnant energy makes me feel less cheerful, constantly tired, uninspired, and I tend to get lost in overthinking.

During a session, I often notice that there is tension in places that I was not aware of. Sometimes I see colors, other times I have an emotional release, but most often I am just in a deeply meditative state.

Personally, after a body de-armouring, I often feel 'lighter'. My mind feels clear and I feel energized again. It can also help me move through mental processes and challenges.

Therefore, somatic bodywork, such as body de-armouring, has become an important part of my personal growth and self-care routine!

Yes there is! For those who feel ready to break through with bodywork, I offer the Transformation Trilogy. This trajectory consists of 3 complementary methods within 6-8 weeks, to clear your system from blockages and raise your life force energy. 

  • Tantric body de-armouring
  • Transformational breathwork
  • Kundalini energy activation
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