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My name is Lilly and I am here to guide you to harmony, by bridging body, mind and soul. 

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My personal journey

Since the beginning of 2019, I run my own practise "Lilly Singh".
I started my journey as a paramedic: educated as a dietitian, behavioral therapist and sportsmassage therapist. For years I felt uncomfortable in my own body and mind. In my search for connection and experiencing happiness, I did everything I could, to feel a sense of belonging and confidence: from top sports to strict diets and guidance by various coaches. It all changed my way of living, but the changes were never sustainable.

When I started to look further than only western science, and learnt to become more aware of my internal processes, thoughts and behavior, I finally found a sense of balance. Relieved, I realized that I could have moved through this process much faster. From my expertise and personal experience, I felt passionate and determined in guiding others on their journey to living a meaningful and fulfilling life. Something that perfectly matches my Human Design profile, as a Projector 3/5: the type that is born to guide from personal experience.

From a western, paramedic perspective to a holistic view

When I started to work as a paramedic, I noticed that writing diets and massaging muscles were treatments that are mainly focused at symptom relief. I started to question the methods that I had learned so far. In theory, most people know exactly how to approach their goals or lifestyle, so why doesn't it work? Why is it that some people's bodies almost always feel tense? Why do people so often experience the feeling of being stuck in life?

I found the answer to my questions in studying different therapies, that formed a connection between the mind and how the body responds to stressfactors. Learning more about the impact of trauma and regulation of the nervous system, led me to an approach of getting to the the root of the symptoms first. A holistic view, in which a balanced body, mind and spirit create harmony. From my perspective, anyone can feel at home in their body by approaching life with balance and curiosity. As you may have noticed, I now combine many different tools. Both from western science and eastern wisdom. 

A golden combination

We are taught to solve problems from the mind. Yet, science has proven that stress gets stored in the body, creating physical, emotional en energetical blockages. In my practise, I combine forms of bodywork and energetic work. Both to support the body and nervous system and releasing the 'baggage' that is no longer needed. The complementary use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), helps you to stay focused on the present moment and teaches to accept thoughts and feelings without judgment. ACT therapy is a form of mindful psychotherapy, that aims to help you move forward through difficult emotions and situations, so you can put your energy into healing instead of dwelling on the negative. It has been proven as a successful method to achieve consciousness and sustainable behavioral change. With this golden combination, you can create freedom in both body and mind.

We can not erase our past experiences and trauma, but we can reduce the impact it has on us.


Whatever your goals in life may be, no journey is the same. And that's what I like most about my work! I love to see the authentic person behind the dreams and goals, and offer tailor-made guidance on a level of equality. In this way I guide you to a fulfilling life that matches your core values.

Are you ready to take the first step towards the life you want to live?
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Afbeelding als illustratie bij artikel About me
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