Kundalini Activation

Kundalini activation is the process of awakening dormant life force energy at the base of the spine. The goal of this form of energetic work, is to guide your whole system into healing and profound transformation, by the rising of this life force energy through the chakras.

Who is Kundalini activation suitable for?

Kundalini activation is suitable for individuals who are seeking energetic flow, spiritual growth, self-realization, and deeper understanding of themselves. Due to the intense nature of the energy and potential challenges it may bring, it is important to approach this practice with caution. Therefore, I will always use a screening to make sure this session suits your needs. In some cases, other forms of bodywork or breathwork can be more suitable for the optimal result and experience. 

What does a session look like?

As a certified Kundalini Energy Activation facilitator, I work with a direct energy transmission. This means that I guide your own existing (dormant) energy, without 'giving' you my energy.
We start the session with setting an intention and a short explanation. After that, I guide you into a short meditation. The duration of a Kundalini Activation session is approximately 1 hour.

During the session, you lay down on a yoga mat. To make it easier to relax an let go of control, you can wear a blindfold.
From here, I work with your energy, by moving my hands above the body. With your consent, I may touch certain points on the physical body. 
During the session I play powerful music that supports the process. 

What you can experience during a session, can vary strongly per session. It may be influences by your state of being, blockages and intensity of the session. A kundalini activation can vary greatly from person to person, but common experiences include: intense sensations of energy moving up the spine, feelings of warmth or tingling in the body, emotional releases, heightened states of consciousness, visions or insights. Some people experience spontaneous body movements, yoga poses (kriyas), yawning or changes in breathing patterns. Whatever appears for you during a session, the most important is to trust the process of the energy being moved.  

What results can I expect?

After a kundalini activation, people can experience a variety of out comes. While they differ strongly per individual and per session, some commonly named experiences are:

  • Feeling emotionally or physically 'lighter'
  • Heightened spiritual awareness
  • Increased intuition
  • Greater creativity
  • Emotional healing
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • A sense of deep connection with yourself

It is important to be aware that the process of guiding stagnant energy to flow, should be handled with care and consciousness. Activating your life force energy often encourages change in life on different levels. This process can bring challenges and intense experiences, which can lead to a sense of great personal growth when professionally guided and approached in a mindful way.

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