Dorn Method Solve common discomfort such as neck, shoulder, knee or back pain, by correcting pelvic misalignment

The Dorn Method is a gentle, risk-free technique to correct misalignment of the pelvis and spine. The inventor of this method, Dieter Dorn, concluded that the beginning of back problems can often be found in leg length differences.

Misalignment of the spine: a source of pain

According to the Dorn method, uneven leg length occurs when the head of the thigh does not slide properly into the hip socket. The pelvis is pushed up on one side, twisting the position of the pelvis, which causes the lower vertebrae to come under pressure and cause pain. Soreness around the Sacroiliac joint, radiation in the legs, gluteal muscle and knee complaints are common symptoms. A tilted pelvis also makes the surrounding muscles contract, in order to compensate the pressure and misalignment. Therefore, the muscles around the upper back get tense, pulling and misaligning the vertebrae, causing stiffness in the neck and (tension)headaches. 

foto lilly singh uitleg over dorn methode

Misalignment of the vertebrae causes nerve compression. As a result, the stimulus transmission is not guided properly. The nerves, that are located around the spine, are in contact with all muscles and organs. By correcting misalignment in the vertebrae, the function of the nerves can be restored and physical complaints can dissolve. For this reason, it is sometimes said that the major part of all physical complaints can be caused by misalignment in the spine. Even complaints you probably wouldn't expect to derive from your back.

Who is the Dorn method suitable for?

The Dorn method can be widely used, partly because it is a very gentle method of treatment.
Common indications for treatment include:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck and shoulder complaints
  • Headache and migraine
  • High- and lower back problems
  • Pelvic complaints
  • Radiating pain in the legs and/or feet
  • Knee complaints
  • Radiating pain in arms and/or hands
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Rheumatic complaints and fibromyalgia
  • Bowel and bladder problems

(Contra) indications

The treatment is safe and suitable during pregnancy and can be safely applied after the first trimester. Postnatal treatment is possible after 8 weeks.
The treatment is not suitable when having active flu symptoms or fever, cancer and metastasis, acute inflammation, recent fractures of vertebrae or joints, paralysis.

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After completing the anamnese, I start the treatment by correcting leg length differences. I then work upwards, straightening the pelvis and correcting misalignment in the spine (scoliosis). During the correction, you as a client move along, by for example, swinging your arms or leg. Since the manipulation is made during the movement, the muscles do not have to brace themselves. This makes this treatment a lot more gentle than other manual forms of treatment. There is no 'cracking' involved in the treatment.

foto van massage nek


In general, clients experience more freedom of movement after treatment and pain complaints will often reduce immediately. You will be given a number of simple exercises to take home to prevent the leg length difference from returning.

After the treatment

After correction of the vertebrae and joints, it is recommended to take it easy for 3 to 4 days. Meaning: do not lift heavy things and do not make explosive movements. The performance of certain sports therefore may have to wait a few days. The body needs time to stabilize the muscles, ligaments and joints. Since the body is loosened up, a lot of waste products are released. The flow of fluid and blood to muscles and organs is also stimulated. This can make you temporarily feel tired or less fit. Muscle pain is a common occuring side-effect, especially after the first treatment.

photo leg length difference
Left: before treatment, leg length difference visible in the heels. Right: After elimination of the leg length difference.

How many treatments do I need?

Since the tense muscles have to get used to the new position, it is common that the vertebrae get slightly pushed back in scoliosis. For this reason, the Dorn method is  based on a process of 3 treatments in order to experience a significant difference. There are approximately 3 weeks between each treatment. For this reason, Dorn therapy is offered in trajectory form. After these 3 treatments, maintenance treatments can be applied where necessary in consultation.

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Treatments and prices

Dorn basic treatment (3×) € 297
Dorn & Breuss basic treatment (3×) € 450
Dorn follow-up € 99
Dorn & Breuss follow-up € 150
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