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My practice is currently located in Costa da Caparica, Portugal. Many of my services are ALSO available online !

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About Lilly

Welcome to Lilly Singh: the holistic practice where body, mind and spirit move in symbiosis. My name is Liliën and since 2019, I have been running my practice with passion.

With a foundational education as a dietitian, behavioral therapist and (sports) massage therapist, I expanded my knowledge with trauma informed bodywork and energetic therapy. Nowadays, I combine the best of the Western science with the Eastern medicine, to help you achieve the ultimate connection between body, mind and spirit.

On the contrary of 'traditional' rigid therapy strategies, I believe that true self-care and harmony come from relaxation and tranquility. I work from the perspective that anyone can feel at home in their body and approach life from a feeling balance and curiosity.

Are you ready to take the first step towards living your authentic life? I warmheartedly invite you to have a free exploration call.

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Imagine living a life in which you feel satisfied with who you are and what you do. What would it look like? 

In our society we are often drawn into the daily routine, It happens so quickly, that we sometimes forget our true selves. We use quick solutions to solve problems, and rush to the next (self-imposed) obligation. Many people feel like they are being lived. This goal and performance oriented way of living, may in the end make you not experiencing life as rich as it could be.

Do you ever truly take the time to reflect on what makes you happy in this phase of your life? Do you concretize what steps you can take to get closer to your dreams? It can be a deeply uplifting and inspiring experience. I am here to remember you that are the director of your own life and you have the power to create the life you desire.

In my 1:1 Mentorship program, I am happy to guide you in the areas of lifestyle, relaxation and personal development, and support you in finding a balanced relationship with yourself.

1:1 Mentorship is a tailor-made program in which we combine elements that match your goals.
The program has a strong foundation in the evolutionary method of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)Possible themes are: Personal development, assertiveness, core values , bodywork (relaxing and cleansing our system) and Breathwork.

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If you exercise regularly, or put a lot of physical strain on your body in daily life, a balance between muscle load and rest is important for the recovery of your muscles. With the help of a sports massage, blood flow and removal of waste products are increased. This treatment is suitable after injury, since it ensures better recovery. A sports massage is usually firmer and deeper than a relaxing massage. 

If desired, magnesium oil can be used for this treatment. This mineral absorbs through the skin, relieving stress, muscle pain, joint pain and skin problems and promoting a good night's sleep.

Relaxing massage

The focus in a relaxing massage is less on loosening the muscles and more on the relaxing aspect. The combination of personal attention, peace and warmth helps your body and mind to relax between the hustle and bustle of your daily activities. This massage is a true moment of receiving comfort, nourishment and care.

If desired, magnesium oil can be used for this treatment. This mineral absorbs through the skin, relieving stress, muscle pain, joint pain and skin problems and promoting a good night's sleep.

Massage for fibromyalgia

Daily life with physical pain and a sense of exhaustion is nothing new for you if you are familiar with fibromyalgia. This relaxing massage with attention to the so-called "tender points" - common pain points in fibromyalgia - can provide relaxation and relief of complaints. I take your personal physical resilience into account. The Breuss massage is also very suitable for fibromyalgia, since this treatment soothes and relaxes the overstimulated system.


The Breuss massage is a gentle, deeply relaxing back massage, with the aim of relaxing the nervous system and muscles around the spine. The massage creates space between the vertebrae and intervertebral discs - which protect the intervening nerves.

With the Breuss massage, complaints such as sciatica, hernia and muscle tension can be treated risk-free and often with good results. During the massage I use St. John's wort oil. This oil improves blood circulation and has a warming effect on muscles and joints. The Breuss massage is a very suitable treatment method for pain and stress. It is often applied as a treatment for fibromyalgia.

The massage consists of two parts:
A massage along the vertebrae for relaxation and minor corrections of the spine, and an energetic treatment with the use of Silk paper, which ensures that the oil gets properly absorbed through the skin. Enforcing the deeply relaxing effects.

The Breuss massage can be used as a separate treatment, but is also a perfect addition to a Dorn treatment.

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Dorn Therapy

Dorn Therapy

The Dorn Method is a technique that gently corrects misalignment of the pelvis and spine. This can resolve neck, shoulder or back problems.

By correcting misalignment in the vertebrae, the function of the nerves can be restored and physical complaints can be relieved. The Dorn method can be widely used, partly because it is a very gentle method of treatment, that gives space to the underlying nerves that are connected to the whole body and organs.

In general, clients experience more freedom of movement after treatment and pain complaints will often reduce immediately. You will be given a few simple exercises, to help you maintain the corrected leg length difference after the treatment.

To feel the best end result, 3 treatments are required. For this reason, I offer Dorn therapy in package form. After 3 treatments, maintenance treatments can be applied if necessary.

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Medical taping

Medical taping (Kinesiotape)

Medical taping is a revolutionary method that uses elastic tape to support the muscles. Physical problems can be solved and prevented with the so-called kinesio tape. Kinesio tape can be used for overload and injuries. This tape is also suitable for posture correction, drainage of fluid accumulation and even recovery of bruising.

Since the tape remains in place for up to 5 days, it works as a '24 hour treatment' as long as the tape is worn. Medical taping is therefore an excellent addition to the massage treatment.

The tape can be used to activate or relax the muscles. This means that the tape, among other things, can be used for:

  • Tension headache
  • Neck and shoulder complaints
  • Tennis/golf arm
  • Lower back pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Ankle instability and knee problems
  • Allergy relief
  • Menstruation cramps

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Rates & prices

Human Design

Human Design Deepening session € 180
Human Design Personal Guidebook Only € 150
Human Design Foundation reading € 250


Sportsmassage 30 minutes € 49
Sportmassage 60 minutes € 85
Relaxing massage 30 minutes € 49
Relaxing massage 60 minutes € 85
Breuss-massage 45 minutes € 85

Dorn Therapy

Dorn basic treatment (3×) € 297
Dorn & Breuss basic treatment (3×) € 450
Dorn follow-up € 99
Dorn & Breuss follow-up € 150

Mentorship & Coaching

1:1 Mentorship 3 months (5x 60 min) € 700
1:1 Mentorship follow-up 60 minutes € 150

Body De-armouring

Tantric Body De-armouring 120 min. € 250
Tantric Body De-armouring Traject 3×120 min. € 700

Kundalini Activation

Solo session 60 minutes € 150
Duo session 60 minutes € 250
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